Strive for perfection with every car wash
Provide excellent customer service
Safe for all vehicles

Limos and stretch limos welcome!
Hilliard Location
Open 7 days

All washes come with prep, spot free, power dry and towel dry.

We finish every wash with a spotfree rinse and a micro fiber towel dry.
We specialize in spraying out fender wells, and de-bug the front end of cars thoroughly.


We accept larger trucks and vans up to 89 inches tall and no tires wider than 12.5 inches.  Sorry no duel-e trucks.  But please note “absolutely no vehicles with debris in truck beds or vehicles with heavy mud”.


Klean A Kar Express All Cloth Exterior Car Wash

With a diverse menu of exterior wash packages Klean A Kar Express aims to be your clean car destination. Choose the level of service that fits your auto needs and your budget from Express to our Ultimate wash or add the Simoniz Protectection Package.

Car Wash Services:

Express – Passing through a tunnel conveyor, your vehicle’s exterior is pre-soaked for deep cleaning which includes:  prep, wash.

We finish every wash with a spotfree rinse and a micro fiber towel dry

The following extras may be added al a carte:

  • Underbody
  • Wheel Bright
  • Tire Shine
  • Spray Wax
  • RainX
  • Hot Wax


Ultimate – “The Ultimate” is our most thorough wash. You’ll receive all the services of our Express package, plus we’ll add Polish so every car gets a high pressure prep to reach all the cracks and crevices where dirt hides, wheel brite to wash away that stubborn brake dust, underbody and tire shine to help make your tires look new again. And at KAK Ultimate wash includes Underbody Spray and  as well as a power dry to finish.

The following extras may be added al a carte:


  • Spray Wax
  • RainX
  • Hot Wax



The Simoniz package includes every included in the Ultimate package Plus:

Simoniz Hot Wax —

Simonize Vision Clear

Simonize Spray Wax

We have discount coupon books.  Keep a few in the glove compartment so you always save!

Thinking of going green? Washing your vehicle at KAK Express actually helps the environment. All of our waste water goes down into the sanitary sewer.

KAK Express uses no toxic chemicals and all soaps, waxes and presoaks are VOC Volatile organic compound free and EPA compliant.