Klean-A-Kar  Car Wash. We are open all winter!

Klean-A-Kar-Car Wash Open All Winter

klean-a-kar express car wash power washes hard to reach areas.

Finish every vehicle wash with spot free rinse and micro fiber towel dry.  

You will like our work.  Serving Columbus area 50+ years!  Thorough and gentle on your vehicle.

We are now offering full service by appointment.

Call or stop in and schedule your vehicle’s cleaning today.

Full service includes:

  • any wash package of your choice
  • sweeping out entire vehicle
  • wipe all windows and dash, console, and  cup holders
  • spray off/sweep all floor mats and weather liners
  • wipe out door jam
  • add armor all to tires and wipe out wheels.


We baby your car with a gentle all-cloth wash.  At klean-a-kar express car wash we understand how important your car is to you.  That’s why you always find we will clean your vehicle with a gentle touch. We have been here for years and understand our customers.  Come see for yourself the difference that an all-cloth wash makes a your vehicle.


Nothing beats klean-a-kar express car wash special Spot Free Rinse for a perfect shine to add luster to your vehicle.  Say goodbye to waterspots and keep your car or truck looking new and shiny as you drive away.  To the right you can see some of the other great extras we offer to keep your vehicle clean and protected.

Choose extras

Wheel Bright
Tire Shine
Spray Wax
Simoniz Triple Bond
Hot Wax
Simoniz Lava Bath

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Save Big!

Coupon Books

Nothing says value like a Klean-A-Kar Express wash coupon book.  Pick up some today for yourself or to use as gifts.  The coupon books are great way to save when you share between family owned vehicles or co-workers at the office. 

7 Days

Serving Columbus

klean-a-kar express car wash is open 7 days a week (weather permitting).

Hilliard:  3880 Brown Park Drive just east of the Post Office and the Kroger shopping center.
Self-Serve Vacuum available free with every car wash purchase.

Extra Service

You will love

Spray Wax

Underbody Spray

Hot Wax

Simoniz Triple Bond

Tire Shine

Wheel Brite